It's not like Small Wonder is the only show or film to depict a child robot, but I think the lesson to learn is that we assume it might be a good idea and maybe less frightening if we create children robots instead of grown-ups, but for the amount of money needed to actually produce something like Vicki, you'd probably want a real maid/babysitter/mistress. I can tell you, since I am a parent, that I would not want a robot child to take care of when I could have a robot adult to take care of my kids for me. However, 80s sitcom watchers like small, cuddly things, like ALF or Webster, so it makes sense that producers would approve a small child as a robot.

If you're interested in more menacing robots, then try some Twilight Zone episodes. Or go out and buy your own AI robot as your servant or adopted child. They can do a lot more than serve your friends beers on a tray these days.