If you're like me and you grew up watching Leave it to Beaver, you might not realize how funny the show was. I'd recommend watching it again. It's not just about some whiny kid who gets into a lot of trouble, and it's certainly not about being a perfect suburbanite in Post-WWII America. As a parent, I can now see this show from a new perspective, and it's probably even more humorous with that added experience. If you vaguely remember watching this show as a young child, possibly in 20 year-old re-runs like I did, then you owe it to yourself to watch it again. And again. 

The relationship between the parents is important in this sitcom. Dad is not the clueless dad of later sitcoms, and Mom is not the all-knowing angel. They are real people, and that's why it's really an amazing show to watch. Eddy and some of the other friends are certainly charicatures and stereotypical, but even those kids are better than the typical sitcom bully or dope. I mean, really, there's a reason people call a kid an Eddy Haskel character.

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  • Florida Tourism - The Destination Funeral
    I was trying to find out what happened to the lovely 33-acre May Mann Jennings Park over on the North Side when I had this great idea for tourism in Jacksonville. It's mostly because Streetview of the park seemed to only show the Evergreen Cemetery, which kind of shares (or overruns) the park. In fact, COJ says the May Mann Jennings Park has "been returned to a natural, undeveloped state." For those of you who don't know government code, this means there's no funding for a park in an industrial/hood area of town. Anyhow, my search for a forgotten gem of a park was thwarted, but the cemetery next door got me to thinking about Florida/Jacksonville tourism, and I wondered if anyone had ever considered a destination funeral. 
  • This Article is Not a Paid Placement Written by a Guest
    I get contacted all the time about allowing someone to write an article on one of my websites, many times about a topic I've covered. These people either want to send me full text articles or links to articles that I can copy from another site. They never say how much they want to pay me to host their articles, and I don't really know how much to charge (if I were to do it), but I got a bit of an idea what it might be worth based on a Craigslist ad I saw. Still, I won't be offering my website to the highest bidder like the local news sites do. 
  • 5x110 16" wheels and tires in Jacksonville - $150 (from a Saab 9-3)
    I tried posting these tires and wheels on Craigslist, but I think everyone in Jacksonville is scared of the website, so I'll post it here instead. If this article is still online, then I have the wheels with tires in my garage, and I want them gone. The wheels came off a 2008 Saab 9-3. The tires are not matched, but they have a lot of tread. I'll share the original posting and reiterate that the wheels should work on the vehicles I list with the same bolt pattern and similar offset.